Lakepoint Homes by Jeff Sylvestre

We build your home on time and on budget, EXACTLY the way it’s supposed to be built.

You wouldn't think...

That simply building what you agreed to build when you agreed to deliver it for the price you committed to
wouldn't be a particularly special or advertising-worthy thing in the custom-home building industry.

Sadly, though, it is.

Frankly, I think most home builders are a bit too comfortable with the idea that you can't see most of their construction work -- and that merely meeting code is "good enough" and that fixing it after the fact is easier than getting it right the first time.

I'm not like that because I don't come from a mass-produced home builder's mindset. And that's really what Lakepoint Homes is all about: going well beyond the industry standards to delivery exceptionally well-built homes to the kind of buyers who can appreciate the difference.

And, of course, making the custom home buying journey the kind of inspired, service-excellence buying experience you'd expect with any other custom-made product.

All while doing it at better-than-competitive prices.

I'm James Sylvestre...

My family and I have been building pole barns in Essex County since 1968. And there's two things about pole barns you should know:

  1. There's no hiding you're work; everyone in the world can see your frame job, your rafters, your roofing job, etc.
  2. With a Pole Barn, you don't get paid until the customer is satisfied with what you've built.

Why does that matter, and why should you care?

Because I've grown up with those standards and I apply them to home building, so you can be certain that the stuff you can't see (like the foundation, framing, roofing, plumbing, etc.) has been done with just as much care and craftsmanship as the stuff you can see (like the woodwork, crown molding, cabinets, countertops, and windows).

And also, because I'm used to delivering custom-built buildings, built to the owners total satisfaction with every detail. You'd think that this would be common for the custom-built home industry, but I can assure you, it isn't.

You see, for most customized homes, the homeowner can't move in until she buys the home. So the contractors still get paid for their buildings, even if the home owner is left raging mad at a "punch list" of items left undone, done wrong, or just plain messed up. And the kicker?

Not many home builders will display the perfection of their floor joists on their websites, but it's the work you can't see that matters most. -- and sets the foundation for the work you can see!

The kicker is that the contractor has up to 9 months to fix these screw-ups. And even then, many contractors often never finish the work, knowing that the average home-owner won't pursue it, and that they're bound to arbitration even if they do.

Well, I don't do that. In fact, I've developed an 8-step building review process to ensure that final walk through is a no-surprises affair, but at the end of the day, operating to these standards is really no sweat for my crews, because we're used to the much tighter standards of commercial building.

OK, so you build them right
but are they beautiful?

Take a look for yourself.

I get that question a lot, and the best answer is always: "Come on out and see for yourself." Because once a home-owner sees a sample home, they know for sure that our homes are not only better built, but just plain nicer than the competition. And here's what I mean by "nicer":

Maximum use of natural light within your home makes a difference.

  • Better positioning for natural light, and better use of windows, skylights, door transoms, and solar tubes to make maximum use of natural light within the home. It makes a difference, believe me.
  • Greater attention to detail with window casings, wood trim, crown molding, etc.
  • Elegant planning of interior space
  • Beautiful indirect lighting, that makes any room feel magical

But, again, don't take my word for it -- come out and see for yourself.

And what kind of homes do you build?

I'll be honest: we're simply not set-up to mass-produce lower-end, cookie cutter homes. But once you get above, say $300K, we're as well-priced as any and better than most. And once you enter the realm of build-to-order, custom homes in the $400K plus range, we've got a unique ability to bring custom-home extras at a price that the other guys just can't touch. And doing it with perfect on-time & on-budget delivery.

Sound interesting? Learn how we're able to pull that off.

We only build homes that represent a significantly better value than anything else available in their price range.

So if you're buying a new home and you don't come out to see us, you're losing out on a huge quality advantage -- or at least on the chance to leverage the other guys down on their pricing!