About Us – Who’s Really Building Your Home?

“My name is on that building, and I’m not putting my name on anything half-assed”

That’s what my father, James Sylvestre, used to say when whipping any of his work crew into pushing for higher standards — reminding them that a pole barn still ought to be built to last, and built with pride.

And from the time I was 12 and up, I was part of that building crew at James Sylvestre Enterprises, hearing that same phrase, and taking it very much to heart. I even used to joke that my Dad’s rough carpentry was better than most people’s finish carpentry.

That kind of work ethic sets in after awhile, and by the time I came back from college and started taking over the family business in my mid-twenties, I’d already built well over 400 pole barns. And many of those same guys I worked shoulder to shoulder with over the years are still here working on our construction crews.

In fact, the AVERAGE experience level of my guys runs to 18 years in construction and 9 years with JSE specifically. And they’re all full-time employees. Guys I know can get the thing built right and on time and who have already built hundreds, if not thousands, of barns, steel buildings, and houses.  When you’ve got that kind of crew working for you, creating top-shelf custom homes is easy.

Bottom line: our reputation for building excellence is so well established within the community, even the local area kids know it when they see it.

Now compare that to most home builders in the area and you’ll find most of them:

  • sub-contract out a lot of work,
  • have a huge turnover rate on the construction crews, and
  • general have way-less control over who’s building your home and how well they build it.

So who’s building your house?

Well, if you’re buying from Lakepoint Homes, these guys pictured over to the right are building it, and they’re the best in the business!

That not only means you’ll get a better home, but also a better home buying and home building experience, ending in the perfect realization of your vision/dream home — guaranteed!

We’re Lakepoint Homes and we’ve been in business for 6 years, but our construction crews have been in business more than 30 years, and we’ll be darned before we put our names on anything that we wouldn’t be proud to move into ourselves.

What You Need to Know About Subcontractors

First, know that every home builder contracts out specialty work. Laying floors, doing the plumbing, electrical work, and so on.

Second, know that who gets contracted to do this makes a huge difference in how well the work is done, whether it’s done on time, or even whether another contractor has to be brought in to complete the job. In other words, there are more truly horrific subcontractors than first rate professionals, and knowing who’s who — and having a working relationship with the real pros — is half the battle.

Third, understand that having a strong working relationship with the right contractors is CRUCIAL to getting homes built on time and built right. If you build too many houses, you can’t be as picky about contractors as you’d like. If you’re not willing to pay top contractors top dollar, you’ll be stuck working with mid-tier guys or worse

Fourth, Lakepoint Homes and James Sylvestre Enterprises pays contractors cash on the barrel head and has developed a working relationships with the very best contractors in Essex and Tecumseh Counties. We work with the best and they’re happy to work for us, because we don’t pull any of this large home-builder “pay on net 30” crap.

Bottom Line: You get better quality contract work for no extra charge, because you get better quality contractors helping to build your home as a direct result of our working relationships and payment policies.

Again, the company is Lakepoint Homes by Jeff Sylvestre. My name is literally on the building. So I treat every contractor as if his work is being done in my name — because it is!

And I invite you to come visit our worksites to see this work-ethic in action for yourself.