Giving Back

When’s the last time you heard of high school kids excited about entering into construction as a career?

Well, High Schoolers basically care about doing cool stuff. And “cool stuff” means “hard, impressive, worthwhile stuff that actually makes a difference.”

Basically, if you strive for excellence in construction and you’re building homes that people can point to with pride, that’s cool stuff, even in a teenager’s eyes.

And so Lakepoint Homes has been able to work with the Greater Essex County School Board to create a Home Building Program, where we get to teach some really incredible kids about the building trade and help them use their newly acquired skills to build real homes they can be proud to say that their hands helped create.

Among a slew of benefits that have come from this program, now in it’s fourth year, are 3 really great things:

  1. We’ve gotten local kids building homes they’re truly excited to be associated with.
  2. We’ve managed to pass on James Sylvestre’s Construction and Work Ethic to a new generation
  3. We’ve ended up with a group of incredible kids who see construction as a career where they can truly pursue excellence and service to others, and who want to stay local when they get out of school.
If you’ve never seen a group of teenagers having a great time while doing serious, adult work, you’ll want to check out the photos bellow: