Our Home Designs

We specialize in building custom homes in the $375K – $600K range, and semi-custom homes starting at $300K. So, whether you hire an architect to draft up plans from scratch or have us customize or alter a plan to your needs and desires, we’re capable of building exactly to your plans and doing so on an on-time and on-budget basis.

And that’s really one of the big things that makes Lakepoint Homes different:

We pride ourselves of building to budget and schedule — even when it comes to renovations! — to the point of “eating” cost overtures.

Now, if you make change requests half-way through, those kind of overtures are on your plate. But if we tell you that we’ll build X for Y dollars, and it turns out that building X actually costs Y + Z dollars, then those will be OUR dollars that make up the difference.

Just try getting that kind of commitment from any other home builder in this area!

Heck, we’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with our previous customers, whether commercial or residential to let you hear about our “build it on time and on schedule” philosophy in action.

And a most important part of that philosophy is an 8-Step Home Building Review Process designed to ensure nothing gets overlooked, mixed up, or completed as anything less than perfect.

Ready-for-Move-in Homes

When we build homes on spec, we typically build high-value, luxury or “executive” ranch designs with an emphasis on:

a) Build Quality

Most people associate build quality with durability: how a home holds up over the decades. And indeed build quality is crucial to a homes ability to weather the years in good shape. But you don’t have to wait decades to appreciate good build quality.

Plumb walls mean the baseboard and crown molding meets up proper. Level floors not only feel flat underfoot, but contribute to properly laid hardwood floors and tiling. Solid framing means the doors are hung properly and the walls won’t shake with door slams, winter storms, or anything else. Your house will feel — and be! — solid and sound absorptive.

Because you can’t see the foundation, weather shielding, and framing of a home, you’re taking it on faith that your building crew did these things the right way – the way they’d want it done if it was their own home. We always build to be worthy of that faith.

b) Gracious Architectural Details

This is your home; your everyday environment for breakfasts, dinners, weekends and holidays. Shouldn’t it make you feel good when you’re inside it?

We think so. That’s why we plan for great natural lighting, superb indirect lighting, luxury appointments, and the sort of intelligent charm you probably associate only with old-fashioned or historic homes.

We can’t list everything here, but if you come out to one of our home models, you’ll see it with your own eyes, and we’ll point out everything that goes into making that warm-home feel a reality.

c) Energy Efficiency

Making a home energy efficient when you build it is easy and relatively inexpensive. So much so, in fact, that’s it practically a sin not to plan for it during construction. That’s why our buildings are beyond energy-star approved.

So what we mean by “beyond energy-star approved”?

First, we mean that we push to go beyond the minimum standards. Always.

And more importantly. we mean that energy efficiency is inextricably tied back to build quality. Just look at how sloppily the Tyvek is slapped up over most (already sloppy) frame jobs and you’ll get an idea about how poor construction compromises weather proofing.

So it’s not all that uncommon for a poorly built home that’s energy efficient on paper, to end up not nearly as energy efficient as it’s supposed to be after a winter or two.

Our homes deliver on the Energy Star promise because they’re built right to begin with.

Barrier Free Homes

Lakepoint homes has built close to a dozen barrier free homes in and around Essex County.

That means our design and construction teams know about all of the little details that make a big difference to your quality of life when planning homes specifically designed to give full access and control to anyone dealing with limited mobility.

If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you, please contact us to arrange for a tour or to speak to some of our many happy clients.