Working with Lakepoint Homes

Commissioning a builder to construct a custom-built home should be one of the most rewarding purchases you’ll likely ever make — so long as your builder’s abilities and project management skills are up to the task.

So the big questions around this are:

  1. How can I tell which builder is up to the task?
  2. How much can I discuss and plan my home with a builder before I have to commit.

Here are the answers:

How To Tell Which Builder to Trust

First, to tell which builder you should let build your home, go wide and deep within the company:

  • Talk to the owner of the company,
  • Talk to the project manager for your home, and, if possible,
  • Talk to the lead for the construction crew that will likely handle the actual hammer and nails building of your house.

The Bottom Line: Expertise Leaves Clues

When you talk to the builder, how far ahead is he thinking in the construction process? How well can he visualize your home on site and speak to the necessities of putting this door here, or that window there? Can he make you feel as if your vision has become his vision?

When you talk to the project manager, how conversant is she with the building process, the construction crews, the contractors, and so on? How well can she walk you through the process? Can she make you feel “plugged in and up to date” even before the building has begun?

And when you talk to the construction crews, ask them: how long have you been working for this builder? How many houses have you built together? And so on. Are they long-term and full-time employees or just managers of sub-contracted labor?

How Far You Can Test Drive the Process & Builder

You’re going to trust this builder with your home — you probably want to get a feel for how he works and what he envisions the construction of your dream home before committing to him.

And we absolutely agree with home buyers on this point. So here’s exactly what to expect when working with us, and what meetings you can expect to have with us before we hand you a final contract.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

Shortly after you first make contact with Lakepoint Homes, you’ll get set up to talk with our Custom Home Construction and Sales Project Manager. She’ll listen to and help walk you through everything about your situation, plans, desires, etc.

This meeting is where you can lay out your price range, desired home style, whether you already have architectural plans or want to modify an existing plan, whether you already have a lot or would like to look at available properties, and so on. From here, you’ll meet with Jeff Sylvestre himself.

Step 2: Meeting with Jeff Sylvestre

This is where we take the roughed out plans from the first meeting and subsequent phone calls and e-mails and hand them to Jeff Sylvestre so he can give you a no-surprises, up-front, ‘this is what we’re looking at’ and ‘this is what it’ll take to make it happen’ conversation prior to working up a bid.

We can go over exactly where the costs and projects are very predictable and straightforward, and also where our experience tells us to expect possible variables, or where you might consider this or that workaround, alternative, or improvements to your building plans.

Frankly, you’ll be shocked at how much further your are to getting your dream-home plans finalized from this meeting. This will likely be one of the final in-person meetings you have with us prior to finalizing plans for a formal bid / proposal

Step 3: Formal Proposal/Bid

We’ll present you with a firm bid price along with our home-building guarantees, starting with the guarantee to build on-budget and the guarantee to deliver the home as agreed upon on the quoted delivery date, with no to-dos left over.

Upon presentation of the bid, this step represents the Go/No Go point for you the customer. At this point, you’ll need to make a decision, along with a commitment to the project if you want to continue working with us.

Step 4: Post-Contract Building Begins

After signing of the contract, our Custom Home Construction and Sales Project Manager becomes your new best friend and main point of contact for the building of your home. She’ll be consistently out to the building sites, keeping you apprised of progress, milestones, etc.

If you want to be present as ground is broken, or the pouring of the foundation, and so on, just let our Custom Home Construction and Sales Project Manager know and she’ll walk you through. And of course, we’ll be thrilled to have you see the extreme build-quality that goes into our homes — even (especially!) on the elements that end up hidden inside the finished product.

Step 5: Post-Frame Walk Through

After the frame has been erected, our Custom Home Construction and Sales Project Manager will set-up a walk through of the framed home, allowing you to inspect and confirm layouts, quality of work done to date, any special features requiring structural framing, and so one.

You’ll also get to ask any questions necessary for you to have total confirmation and confidence that the building is progressing 100% according to your plans and vision.

Step 6: Pre-Drywall Work Inspection

Just after the rooms have become recognizable rooms, and prior to the installation of drywall, cabinetry, flooring, trim work, counter tops, built in lighting, and so on, we’ll walk you through the construction and the plans to ensure all the wiring, plumbing, and HVAC work has been done according to your vision/plans.

We’ll help you visualize where the lights will go, where the outlets need to be, how you want your sinks, in order to confirm that everything is being constructed to allow that vision to come to life exactly as you had in mind.

Step 7: Next-to-Last QA Inspection

Before your Pre-Delivery Inspection, we conduct our own checklist inspection to to insure all work has been done to Sylvestre Standards, that every custom feature has been built to your specifications and accounted for, and that everything about the house is ready for move in.

Our industry-unique guarantee puts our money on the line if any of this stuff isn’t up to snuff on your final walk through, so we make darn sure there are no surprises for either of us on that final inspection.

Step 8: Final Delivery and Pre-Move-in Inspection

When we’ve finished building your dream home, our Custom Home Construction and Sales Project Manager will take you on a thorough room-by-room inspection to ensure your 100% satisfaction with the home.

This is the inspection where we either have to move heaven and earth to fix anything before move-in day, should there be anything out of whack. This is the big one — the inspection we take great pride in nailing for each and every one of our customers.

15-Day and 90-Day Follow-ups

Roughly 2-weeks after your move-in date, we’ll give you a call to ensure the live-in experience of the house is 100% satisfactory and to ensure that absolutely nothing escaped notice on any of our previous walk-throughs or inspections.

And then about 3 months after move-in, we’ll give you one last check-in to make sure the home is continuing to meet your expectations and to perform as planned.

If this sounds like the way home building should be, or if you’re excited to flesh out your home ideas into an actual bid, you’ll want to give us a call or drop an e-mail over to our Custom Home Construction and Sales Project Manager.